Standing Ground (A Variety of Passion)

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How much you choose to water your indoor passionfruit depends largely on your local climate and the temperature of your home. There are many different varieties of passion fruit and they will all thrive in slightly different climates. Passion fruit will do well in hot temperatures but if the temperature gets above degrees Fahrenheit 37C it may start to suffer. Passionflower vines are pretty cold tolerant and will be fine if the temperature gets down to around 32 degrees Fahrenheit -0C. If the temperature gets below 25 F -4C the vine may wither and die, however, it should start to grow from the roots again when it gets to spring weather.

I only fertilize my passion fruit twice per year and it does just fine, I use Miracle Grow all purpose concentrated plant food plus micronutrients and it seems to be ideal.

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If you use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen it will encourage the vine and lots of foliage to grow, its best to use a fertilizer that is high in potassium potash as it encourages fruits to grow and that is the whole point of a fruit tree! Click here for my full article on the best fertilizer for fruit trees in containers.

The best time to prune your passion fruit vine is in the spring. When you prune you should cut back the main stem to the size you want, if it is overgrown and cut it back to a side shoot or bud where possible.

Holy Ground

After your passion fruit vine flowers, you should cut back the side shoots to a couple of buds from the main fan framework. In the wild, bees, insects, and wind will pollinate flowers but as you are growing a passion fruit vine indoors you will have to do the job by hand. Some varieties of passion fruit like yellow passion fruit are self-sterile meaning you will need two vines for cross-pollination, other varieties like purple passion fruit are self-fruitful and the flowers off one vine can pollinate themselves so remember this when choosing a variety to grow.

That is using a small paintbrush to brush the pollen from one flower into another flower, go round every flower and follow this method. For self-fertile varieties, you will have to brush the pollen from one flower and into the flower on another vine. I would recommend you harvest your passion fruits when they are ripe but before they drop off naturally.

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  4. Before putting your passion fruit in the refrigerator you should give it a wash and completely dry it off. Put whole passion fruits in the fridge and they can stay good for up to 2 weeks. Extend the life of them by putting your passion fruit in the freezer. The easiest way to store passion fruit in the freezer is to scoop out the center and put the pulp in ice cube trays. When it is frozen you should remove them from the trays and put the frozen passion fruit cubes in a sealable bag or container. Passion fruit that is frozen can stay good for up to 8 months. If your passion fruit is not bearing fruit there are a few problems that might be occurring.

    The first reason might be the flowers did not get pollinated. You will have to pollinate the flowers by hand as there should be no bees in your house to do the pollination. Bear in mind that some varieties of passion fruit vines will need 2 separate vines so you can cross-pollinate them and some varieties only need one vine and can pollinate itself.

    One-night-stand etiquette: The dos and don'ts of a brief encounter

    Have you used too much fertilizer as if you use too much or the wrong type of fertilizer it may encourage lots of green foliage to grow but no fruit. Fresh vines will produce more fruit so you should prune your vine every year to encourage fresh growth and encourage more fruit production.

    Passion fruit vine is a simple plant to grow indoors and when it gets going the biggest problem you will probably have is how to control the rapid growth. However, like all plants, there are some problems that may affect your passion fruit vine and the quicker you treat these problems the more likely a rapid recovery will be.

    Newbery Cricket

    Here are some of the problems:. Bitter Rot — Bitter rot is an infection that will affect the fruit of your plant especially in hot and humid conditions. You will notice this disease by the dark, soft lesions that appear on the fruit and can quickly spread to cover the whole fruit until it drops off the vine. To treat or prevent this disease you should use a copper spray and cut any infected fruits off when you first notice the rot.

    Movie Scenes (in order of appearance)

    Crown Canker — Crown canker is a lethal disease to passion fruit vines so it is bad news if your vine gets infected. This condition normally starts close to the ground and will infect any damages areas like damage caused by frost, pests or fertilizer burn. Crown canker will cause sudden and rapid wilting, leaf drop and fruit drop. In this manner, and in phases, the facility expanded to , , and eventually stands at beds today, across their multi-speciality hospital in Pathankot and OPD clinics in Jammu, Ferozpur and Bhatinda.

    Amandeep Hospital now plans to start Amandeep Medicity with specialties like liver transplant, cardiology and nephrology. With additional specialities, the biggest challenges were looking after finances and the administration. The establishment was owned by two doctors, who had their hands full with their medical practice.

    They soon realised that their hospital had two equally important functions - and that the top notch healthcare they provided may form the crux, but without sound administration, and a shrewd administrator, everything they had worked for could amount to nothing. As doctors, we were both really passionate about our respective professions, but one of us had to be engaged with the management and administrative aspect of the hospital.

    However, she soon realised that her medical education would not help her manage a hospital. Determined to do things right she decided to go back to college and pursue a course in healthcare management from IGNOU while juggling responsibilities at the hospital. This often meant waking up at 2 am to study for her exams! It is impressive when you realise she did it at the age of 45 years. On completing her course, the first step she took as an administrator was to rekindle an old flame — teaching.

    Amandeep spearheaded the introduction of their post-graduation degree in orthopaedics, plastic surgery and anaesthesia. Their model currently comprises healthcare and teaching. The institute is registered with National Board of Education for teaching DNB students orthopaedics and plastic surgery.

    It was the first hospital to start nail interlocking for fracture management, navigation technique in joint replacement and the first hospital in the region to have a burn unit. Amid all this, the one cause that she has championed consistently is standing her ground not just as a professional, but also an accomplished woman leader.

    Special alliances By the time Amandeep completed her MD in paediatrics, she had met and married Avtar Singh, a fellow doctor. Expanding the professional and personal empire Even as the hospital added beds, infrastructure and offerings rapidly, the one addition to her life that proved to be the most special and challenging was her son. At this point, the number of patients nearly doubled.

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    Many firsts to its credit On completing her course, the first step she took as an administrator was to rekindle an old flame — teaching.