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A series of messages sent by a damsel in distress are floating wooden bottles. They are calls for help from a damsel in distress Vic identifies the wood from the bottles as Bird Cherry. The crew are reluctant to go, but Halvar, in an incredible show of strength, flattens a table with his bare hands.

This settles the crew, and they set out for Bird Cherry Island. On the way, Vic realizes that Halvar's show of strength was the result of a infestation of wood-eating worms! The damsel tied to the only S1, Ep9. On a trip to Britain Halvar and his men are captured by fierce Celtic women warriors who accuse them of plundering their kingdom. For once, Halvar is innocent but the Britons insist that he must prove his innocence by undergoing four trials by ordeal. Only after Halvar has successfully passed through trials involving earth, wind, fire and water can he and the Vikings be freed.

Lindisfarne raid

Thankfully Vic's experience at making the drakkar sea-worthy has given him lots of ideas on how to outwit the Britons. S1, Ep The Vikings sail home through Scottish Waters after a successful voyage. They happily celebrate until night falls when talk of monsters generates fear amongst the Vikings. As a thunderstorm closes in, the ghostly light causes the Vikings to mistake a shipwreck for the hideous monster and they throw 'the monster' all of their food. As morning approaches, they are now starving and have nothing to eat. They will need to take go ashore if they don't want to starve to death but this means they must sail close to where they last saw Sven who they know will try to take Our Vikings are captured because Faxe has stolen and eaten an Icelandic Viking clan's sausage stash.

The Icelanders, thinking the Vikings are bearing treasure from their expedition, hold them ransom. Vic convinces them they have Dagda's Cauldron, a sort of cornucopia that contains an unending supply of food But the Icelanders discover this trick because of Faxe again and Vic has the idea of using a geyser's pressure to escape and reach their drakkar. When a runic shape appears on the side of Halvar's face, Urobe convinces everyone that he has been visited by the Gods, and soon the whole village thinks that he has the power to take the shape of any animal or person.

Halvar disappears, and a duck takes his place as captain of the ship. To avoid disaster, Vic has to pretend to be Halvar, and restore his father to his rightful position of captain. Whilst playing with a set of dominoes, VIC accidentally discovers the 'domino effect' which he later uses to flatten a circle of standing stones driving away the Welsh druids who're threatening to shave off HALVAR'S prized beard in order to appease their gods.

Halvar is convinced that he is cursed with bad luck. He can't catch any fish, things fall on him, and he gets struck by lightning. It's the wrong time to be suffering from a crisis of confidence, because three Viking warriors are traveling to Flake to challenge his leadership. Vic and the other villagers try to cheer him up but nothing works. Finally, Vic stage manages the finding of a coin, and a series of events that convince Halvar that his luck has returned, and he fights the challengers and retains his status as chief.

Tjure's eighth child is born. But this new baby has a lot trouble sleeping. Everyone tries something but Vic finds the solution by imitating his father's silly noises like farts. Baltac is on his way to challenge Halvar. But the chief of Flake hasn't had enough sleep and Vic is worried. He then thinks Tjure's son can defeat Baltac with his awful screams. In Flake, it's the big harvest celebration. And as most senior member of the village, it is Snorre's mother Greta's duty to host the festivities.

But this year, Snorre, her son, smells even worse than usual! Greta refuses to host until he has washed up, which of course, he obstinately refuses to do! Vic is therefore going to have to use all of his imagination and talent in order to set up an encounter between Snorre and "Soap". Only then can the festivities begin. The kids of Flake commandeer the drakkar under Gilby's lead and hoist the anchor.

878: A Tour of Viking Britain

Vic tries to convince him to surrender the command to him, but Gilby won't listen, even though he doesn't know beans about navigation! The drakkar gets ever further from the coast. Overcome by sea-sickness, Gilby finally abandons the command to Vic under pressure from the other children. Vic manages to round up two trained seals and sends them in search of a whale to rescue them. The whale pushes the drakkar back to Flake, bringing the children home safe and sound.

A flamboyant Magus arrives in Flake and makes Urobe looks like a cheap druid. Claiming to be a soothsayer and healer, he bluffs the villagers with conjuring tricks and a sly scheme. Vic and Ylvi aren't taken in, even though they don't understand how the charlatan cures Faxe, who goes insane, and how he knows all about the villagers, including the most personal of things. After an investigation, Vic and Ylvi unmask the charlatan and, thanks to the discovery of phosphorescent mushrooms, make everybody believe again in Urobe's "powers".

While doing a contest of skipping stones, Snorre, Tjure and Vic are kidnapped by Sven. As Halvar and the others try to deliver them, Vic, Tjure and Snorre set confusion on the Pirate ship as Snorre projects his voice and impersonates Sven. The King of Sweden is out hunting in the forest. He smells some delicious food from nearby Flake and decides to go there.

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Halvar mistakenly believes the king comes to honor him. Halvar will not have the king take his wife away and calls his men to arms with the result that Ylva is taken away in the kings' camp. Vic ultimately manages to free his mother by offering the king the most precious treasure in the whole world: A treasure so delicately wrought that only the Each year, our brave Vikings have to plough the field so they can have enough vegetables and cereal. Unfortunately, Halvar is not ready to do so and rather like to go pillaging. Women are not happy and have blocked the drakkar on shore.

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Vic tries to plough the field with the drakkar's anchor but it stays stuck in the ground. He discovers the forgotten treasure of Flake hidden between some roots. Vic sows coins in the field so the Vikings have now a great pleasure ploughing! Ylva's happy and lets his husband go pillaging for Vic's relief.

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Halvar has to face a new challenge to prove he's the right chief for the village. Urobe says he has to make landed a seagull on his helmet. But with Gorm around, it's quite impossible! While the poor Viking tries to get away and leaves his chief win, the seagull keeps landing on Gorm's helmet. Seagulls are doing their nest at this time of the year which gives a bright idea to Vic but it still doesn't work.

Gorm will have to scare the seagull away so it can feel safer on Halvar's side. Wickie has to miss a voyage to due chickenpox, but is recovered enough to play outside already. Halvar's ship is overpowered by Sven's pirates, but they can send a message for help home by pigeon. Helped by seals, he sneakily finds and boards the ship, liberates the men and uses his ghastly salve to fake a zombie infection. Refresh and try again.

a viking s love viking horde book 1 Manual

Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Stolen by the Viking by Vivian Leigh. Eliza is left alone in the Viking village, and she faces growing discontent among the raiders that remained with her.

When a young warrior sneaks into her longhouse late one night to warn her of a threat, she never expects to be accosted so quickly.