Taking Care: Self-Care for You and Your Family

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  1. A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself
  2. When you take care of you everything falls into place
  3. Yes, It's Trendy Right Now — But What Exactly Is Self-Care?
  4. Things you can do to take care of yourself

A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself

Today we wanted to share with you some of our best self care tips. Self care is having a real moment, but what exactly is it? We discuss the origins, importance and impact of self care and give practical tips on how to bring it in to your life. Whilst self care might seem like a millennial buzzword, the concept of prioritising and taking time for yourself has been around for centuries.

Philosophers like Plato proclaimed the benefits of reflection and contemplation. Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism. Ancient Greeks were all about self love — or Philautia , as they called it then. So whilst it seems to be a hot topic in , it is certainly not a new idea.

But what is self care? It also mentions that this is particularly important at periods of high stress. What a person defines as their version of self care changes from individual to individual. However you choose to do it, at its core self care is all about listening to what your mind and body needs and giving it to yourself, guilt free. We need healthy food, we need to feel safe and we need to rest. Self care is often about disconnecting with the world — both physically and virtually — and putting your needs first.

But sometimes we can feel guilty when we do things for ourselves. Self care is especially important for those with stressful jobs -like social workers, nurses and teachers. If you are a parent or mum, or hoping to become one, creating a robust self care routine is strongly advised.

When you take care of you everything falls into place

Fertility and stress are intrinsically linked, so it could also help increase your chances of conceiving. Having a good self care routine will also help nurture your good relationships with others. If we are not taking the time to look after ourselves and are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, you are much less likely to have the resilience to cope when times are tougher. Self care is all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some key elements of self care and tips on how you can incorporate them in to your daily life. Most people need around hour of quality sleep to function healthily, so this should be a priority. This is important from a self care and mental health perspective. Self Care Tips : Go to bed an hour earlier than usual and read book rather than scrolling through your phone. For extra special self care, sprinkle some lavender oil on your pillow! As with all elements of self care, your diet is about balance.

Yes, It's Trendy Right Now — But What Exactly Is Self-Care?

Aiming to eat healthily is not about trying to lose weight or trying to look a certain way. Fat diets, junk food and binge drinking are all part of the culture of instant gratification, that is not sustainable. A sugar high will inevitably lead to a crash and a fad diet will almost always lead to you feeling worse, rather than better about your body. If you listen to what your body wants, most of the time it will be craving nutritious, vitamin rich foods — as well as the occasional cookie!

Self Care Tips : Treat yourself to a night in trying out new, healthy recipes. If you need some inspiration, check out our fertility diet plan. The physical benefits of exercise have long been recognised. However, in recent years the positive impact it has on your mental health has become more widely understood. Dance around your kitchen to your favourite song, take a brisk walk in the woods or do some skipping! At Adia we are huge fans of yoga and talk a lot about yoga for fertility.

But yoga is also a great part of a self care routine — whether or not you are trying to conceive. The practice of yoga really connects the body, mind and soul. The physical side of it will form part of your essential daily activity, but it will also give you so much more. Yoga is great for mental health and can help with stress and anxiety, give you time to reflect and get in touch with yourself.

Why not create you own little yoga studio at home with a mat, candles and incense? You can actually meditate anywhere, even on a busy packed train — and its a great part of self care. The whole point of mindfulness meditation is to be present, and to allow yourself to focus on your breathing and your body.

You can bring mediation in to your everyday life by practicing mindfulness. With mindfulness, you stay completely focused on the task in hand. Focus on the sound of the kettle boiling, how the water changes colour and the smell coming from your mug. As discussed earlier, part of self care is learning when to say no to people and to take some time for yourself.

But be mindful of who you surround yourself with. You want to ensure your friends are bringing a positive energy and are adding value and love to your life. Regularly check in with yourself and think about how you spend your time and who with.

Practice yoga at home, even with the children A new haircut The smell of cut grass Laugh out loud! A day out at the beach Hugs and kisses with your family in bed Look at the horizon and enjoy the view, quietly, peacefully Observe your baby A clean and tidy house Light a candle Go to church The Silence All the traditions, Christmas with your family The many occasions to read my book when breastfeeding Go to the coffee shop with your baby Draw with your children A new pair of comfy sleepers A walk in the sunshine Eat chocolate Cuddle my children until they let go Listen to my children playing together Quality time with each of my children individually.

See how pleased my children are to see each other when they have been apart.

Taking Good Care of Yourself

An hour to myself in the evening when my husband takes care of the children Be in the garden Make things with your hands: knitting, sewing, … Drink a glass of wine with your spouse. Breastfeeding Carry my child in a sling. Wake up before everyone else to enjoy the peace.

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Meditate with the children Read a bedtime story to the children Having my children brushing my hair Painting my nails with my daughter Practice gratitude, writing what you are grateful for every day Have a memory jar to fulfill with happy memories Read a daily affirmation. My children practice this with me. Finding post-it with messages from my children.

Things you can do to take care of yourself

Fresh flowers and indoor plants all around the house Stop listening to the news, enjoying the silence in the car instead of the loud radio Setting up my clock to remind myself to stop and take 5 deep breaths every hour Burn some incense Screen detox Having guests in my house who help us! Related Posts. Do you need to involve your children in the KonMari process?

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